How many times have you asked yourself?

  • What was his/her name again?
  • What was that word?
  • Why did I walk into that room?
  • Where did I leave my glasses?

You are not alone – Research has proven

  • 85% of  older adults complain of difficulty remembering names
  • More than 50% of people age 50 + note memory changes

My memory training course is designed for people with mild memory concerns who wish to improve their memory ability. These practical techniques and strategies are exercises for your brain designed to enhance memory performance.

The classes will consist of:

  • Stimulating group discussions
  • Memory checks
  • Skill building exercises

Training Options:

Classroom environment: 12 – 15 students
Four sessions: 2 hours for each session.
Interactive, fun, challenging and stimulating

Group or Private individual sessions – contact for details

jean rouda